Thursday, November 9, 2017

2003 Python Patrol Lamprey - Around the Web

The Python Patrol set in 2003 received mixed reviews.  Collectors loved the fact that you got 5 unique army builders.  They also loved that Python Patrol was returning.  But, the actual figure releases didn't really fly.  While the figures matched the vintage vehicles: few collectors in 2003 really focused on the them.  The figures not being compatible with the vintage Python Patrol was a detriment.  So, while collectors did buy quite a few sets, the Python Patrol stuck around at retail for quite a while.  Due to its pegwarming, the Cobra Infantry set in 2004 only got a production of 20,000 sets instead of the Python Patrol's 25,000.  Now, though, this set is more appreciated by collectors and has gotten a bit harder to find.  For me, the highlight of the set was the Lamprey.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

Lamprey Profile

Python Lamprey at

Violentfix's Python Lamprey Python Lamprey

2003 Python Patrol Lamprey, 1987 Maggot, Toys R Us Exclusive


  1. I liked the set more then than now. I think they should've stuck with the 1989 colors. black with red and gold are over used villain colors (take off the python pattern, and most of the team would look like defectors to the Iron Grenadiers). Lamprey is a solid mold, but the fake long gloves and boots thing carried over from the 2000 MAN-O-WAR pilot release are lame. I do like the color of the visor, oddly he's the only one in the set with that color used anywhere.

    On the original PP and Tiger Force, there was no one overall color pattern to the figures, and that certainly made them more interesting (especially Tiger Force). Python Patrol had the green or the grey patterns, and Python Officer barely has any python pattern on him.

    As to its lack of popularity in its time. You had people who going whole hog into "new sculpts" and other people who were stuck in 1982-1986 in their view of Cobra forces. It took time for a lot of fans to appreciate the original Python Patrol, too. And when they did, it carried onto Estrela's releases.

    Also, because of the lack of nostalgic connection to the figures, the 2003 PP set wasn't scalper bait, like the Cobra infantry pack...which was the only scalper loved 6 pack, IIRC. They didn't scalp the Night Watch when it turned up at TRU or the Viper Pit, really. Though, they might have had if it they had been released earlier.

  2. I think they missed the point of Python Patrol here. While the vintage vehicles had a unified color scheme each figure was unique and visually more interesting.