Tuesday, December 5, 2017

1994 Viper - Around the Web

In 1995 and 1996, Cobra army builders were especially hard to find at retail.  I only found four of them and they were the Crimson Guard Commander twice and this 1994 Viper twice.  But, I was able to army build them from the get go.  The 2005 Iron Anvil proved what a good mold this figure has.  This Halloween orange leaves something to be desired.  But it remains a sign of the times from the 1990's.  Here's the best content I could find on the web for him:

Viper Profile

Viper Pre Production at YoJoe.com

Viper at JoeADay.com

Viper at Nekoman's Viper Pit

94 Viper at Droppin

Viper at OreoBuilder's Blog

'94 Viper at JoeDios.com 1

1994 Viper, Cobra Viper, Funskool Blaster

1994 Viper, Battle Corps, 1987, Jinx, 2004, Scarlett, Comic Pack
1994 Viper, 1987 Jinx, 2004 Comic Pack Scarlett


  1. I like them. Glad the mold was repainted, BUT...not a fan of the IRON Anvil concept per se. I'd have just repainted them in 1986 Viper colors and designated this their haz-mat armor or something. And maybe even the odd yellow of the last few issues of the Marvel run.

    It was odd what a complete departure from the Viper this figure was, a sign of a time when Hasbro took more "risks" with character designs. More of a change than Viper was from the Cobra Trooper, I think. This figure has Toxo-Viper and SAW-Viper elements. Interestingly, the 1994 product folder calls this INFANTRY-VIPER.

    And the weapons assortment? Monkeywrench's harpoon launcher? Toxo Viper pistol and Spirit V3 pistol? No smg or assault rifle.

  2. I like the color and the mold. This is a great all-purpose Trooper for fans of Cobras in Purple.

  3. I have come to love these guys. Give them a decent gun and they are solid. I use them as backup for Toxo-Vipers and/or Dr. Mindbender. Club-Purple all the way!