Tuesday, December 19, 2017

1983 Clutch Around the Web

The first G.I. Joe figures that ever entered my house arrived at my younger brother's birthday in the fall of 1982.  He got a haul of G.I. Joe that included several vehicles and many of the figures.  Clutch was my immediate favorite.  His unique chest and shoulder holster simply put him over the top against the other figures.  I have him Grunt's backpack and Stalker's gun and commandeered the figure for weeks.  For Christmas that year, I got my own VAMP and Clutch.  The figure has been a favorite of mine since then.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

Clutch Profile

Clutch Dio 1

Clutch Video Review 1

Clutch at JoeADay.com

Clutch Dio 2

Clutch Pre Production Figure at YoJoe.com

Clutch Video Review 2

Clutch at 3DJoes.com

Clutch Dio 3

1983 Clutch, Wild Bill, Flash, Dragonfly, VAMP

1983 Clutch, Wild Bill, Flash, Dragonfly, VAMP, Steeler, Hawk, General Hawk, Colonel Hawk, Snake Eyes, Version 1.5

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  1. It's my firm belief that the VAMP was the best Joe toy of 1982. I have fond memories of Christmas time. I got two VAMPS that year, and wasn't disappointed at all.Clutch was a memorable character in the comics, a guy who had the hots for Scarlett,and didn't care she rebuffed him.Scarlett would probably defeat Clutch in hand to hand combat (as she was written)but nobody could drive like the guy from Jersey.Nobody. The greatest of all vehicle drivers.