Thursday, December 28, 2017

2004 Night Force Tunnel Rat - Around the Web

The 2003 G.I. Joe Convention was a sea of awesomeness for collectors.  Hasbro announced several new sets of vintage style Joe figures that would see release the following year.  In early 2004, the first of these sets appeared: the Toys R Us exclusive Night Force set.  It included 6 figures that were decent enough.  However, within a week or two, the companion Cobra army building set of 4 Cobra Troopers and 2 Cobra Officers was released.  This immediately eclipsed the Night Force set as the focus of collector attention.  Night Force then languished at retail for the remainder of the year.

While the Night Force set had some duds (Roadblock!) it also had some solid repaints.  The Tunnel Rat is especially nice and is a diversion from the neon ammo that defines the vintage Night Force take on the same mold.  Sadly, though, Tunnel Rat's signature gear was gone: diminishing the figure.  If you have a spare Tunnel Rat rifle around, it helps this figure.  I was fortunate to find a spare 1988 Night Force Tunnel Rat satchel for cheap at a comic shop years and years ago.  It helps make this Tunnel Rat version equal to many vintage releases.  There's not a lot out there on this figure, despite his late release date.  But, here's the best I could find of him from around the web.

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2004 Night Force Tunnel Rat, Toys R Us Exclusive, 2005, Sgt. Stalker, Lonzo Wilkinson, Comic Pack


  1. Not very appealing to me. The most regarded of the vintage Night Force were the more subdued looking recolors. With the 2004 set, Hasbro made the whole team's look too busy. It's weird to argue against paint ops, but either the shirt pattern or the pants needed to go. I'd say the pants needed to go, but that would sound weird. Yeah, the lack of original accessories for any of the characters was bad. The included accessories were so forgettable I couldn't tell you what they were.

  2. My only problem with this figure (besides his parts) is the GI Joe logo on his legs. Hasbro had this tendency to add that to figures back then, I always thought it looked distracting. But other than that, he's a good figure.