Monday, December 4, 2017

Holiday Hiatus

2017 has been a crazy year.  And, the last three months or so have been ridiculously odd, tumultuous and great.  But, the series of events that occurred have completely limited my time.  I haven't taken any new Joe photos in months and all my figures got packed away for a few weeks.  So, I'm out of content. 

With that, I'm taking the month of December off.  I'll have two or three Around the Web features every week.  (I've got about 60 of those ready to go.)  So, there will be something to stop by and check out.  I'll be back in January with new profiles and photos.  I've got the 1988 Cobra Bugg, some factory customs and a couple of fun, obscure releases who will kick off 2018.

Until then, you can follow me on various platforms for any new content and previews:





  1. I'll just spend my time at the next blog site after yours: "Dude Museum: This is a nonprofit site dedicated to deciphering the Tech Deck Dude toyline."

    Sounds awesome.

    1. Every now and then, I get a ton of hits from some random blog. It's been from sites on gardening, knitting and even one about toasters. It must be the "next blog" feature that rotates to a higher traffic site. I always wonder what they think when they come across G.I. Joes after reading about the best toaster on the market.