Tuesday, December 26, 2017

1993 Astro Viper - Around the Web

The Cobra Astro Viper was first released in 1988.  While collectors tend to ignore that figure, they at least acknowledge him.  In 1993, the mold was repainted for Star Brigade.  While the bright blue may be off-putting to some, it fits within the context of an astronaut.  However, collectors generally forget this figure exists and and ignore him completely.  However, the black helmet with green visor makes for a really nice visual on this version of the Astro Viper.  Here's the best content on him from around the web.

Astro Viper Profile

Astro Viper at JoeADay.com

Astro Viper Dio 1

Astro Viper at 3DJoes.com

Astro Viper at JoePedia

Astro Viper Dio 2

Astro Viper by Slipstream

Astro Viper by toysandtomfoolery

1993 Astro Viper, Star Brigade, Cobra, 1985 Trouble Bubble, Flight Pod, 1997 Toys R Us Exclusive

1993 Astro Viper, Star Brigade, Cobra, 1985 Trouble Bubble, Flight Pod


  1. I love the original Astro-Viper. While the Star Brigade version has great colors he's missing his cool jet pack.

    1. That was one upside of the ARAHC Shadow Viper: cheap Astro Viper V1 accessories. When you could get them for a buck or two, it was worth it just to get the gear to give to these guys or other Cobra astronauts.

  2. One of the most useless army builders to most fans. He can pilot the Cobra Invader, if anyone cared. The odd legs, the pointy shouldered torso, the oxygen hosed mask...even Astro-Vipers parts are difficult for customs. The space stuff isn't really embraced, no matter how awesome anyone says the DEFIANT is, it's still part of a sideshow that most fans ignore.

  3. I'm a sucker for Star Brigade figures, and I think my favorite part of this one was green in the helmet visor. I don't know how much this guy was seeing in space, but he was doing it in style.