Thursday, December 7, 2017

1983 Grand Slam - Around the Web

Grand Slam may be the most obscure Joe of the original 13.  He didn't get a lot of play in the early comics and didn't get much characterization until he kicked Major Bludd through the windshield of a bus nearly a year and a half after Joe debuted on the newstand.  He's a figure, though, that collectors have warmed to over the years.  Much of this is due to the fact that his silver pads version is considered a relatively rare figure.

I was able to find a decent amount of Grand Slam content out there.  It seems his obscurity in early Joe media has allowed to take on more life in the ensuing 35 years.  Here's the best of Grand Slam from around the web.

Silver Pads Grand Slam Profile

Red Pads Grand Slam Profile

Grand Slam Dio 1

Grand Slam Video Review

Grand Slam Dio 2

Grand Slam at

Grand Slam Dio 3

Grand Slam at

Grand Slam Dio 4

Grand Slam Dio 5

Grand Slam at Comic Vine

Grand Slam Dio 6

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  1. Yeah, artillery guys are hard to characterize, per their role they aren't running around on commando missions.

    Grand Slam is an oddity because, despite his general lack of use in media, he got a new sculpt era figure (considering Flash, Rock'n Rolll, Breaker, Steeler, etc...did not). He also got a SIGMA SIX figure as a big brute type who was an electronics engineer/targeting expert...the only of the 13 that got a large sized Sigma Six figure besides Snake-Eyes. He crossed over into 25th as did all the original 13 Joes, but he even appeared in the Rise of Cobra line.

  2. I've loved Grand Slam ever since I first got him along with the HAL as a kid back in 1983. Flash and Grand Slam share the most unique sculpt design for the initial wave of figures and that has always placed them high atop my list of favorite Joes.