Thursday, February 22, 2018

1987 Hardtop - Around the Web

There was a time when Hardtop figures were easy to find and generally cheap.  But, that changed in the early 2000's as more collectors came online and his popularity started to increase.  Now, the figure is coveted and can get fairly pricey.  You don't see the figure all that often, but there's some content on him out there.  Here's the best on Hardtop from around the web.

Hardtop Profile

Hardtop at 1

Hardtop at HalftheBattle

Hardtop Pre Production Figure at

Hardtop at 2

Hardtop at 3

1987 Hardtop, Defiant, 1994 Lifeline, Battle Corps

1987 Hardtop, Defiant, 1986 Slipstream, Conquest, 1989 Hot Seat, 1983 APC

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  1. I love your blogs. Been reading them for years but never commented till now. I love this figure. He looks fantastic manning the Defiant Crawler. I recommend grabbing a Battle Corps Outback, he looks great as a mechanic fixing stuff. If you can find him for cheap I really recommend it.