Thursday, February 8, 2018

1992 Bulletproof - Around the Web

In 1993, I was barely into toys.  I had forayed into a small Joe purchase in December of 1992.  But, aside from that, pretty much kept my collecting habits to sports cards.  Over Christmas of 1993, though, I decided to buy a couple more Joe figures.  Among the bright spots at Toys R Us that day was a neon yellow Bulletproof figure.  I wasn't overly keen on the bright color.  But, he had a cool helmet, amazing gun and great backpack.  So, I bought him and never looked back.  When I discovered that the same, basic figure was available in 1992, only with better colors, I had to have him.  So, I sought him out at a time when finding loose figures from the '90's was rather hard to do.  Once in hand, he was a substantial upgrade from the neon 1993 figure.  There is surprisingly more info about the character available than I would have thought.  Here's the best of Bulletproof from around the web.

1992 Bulletproof Profile

1992 DEF Toy Fare Catalog at

Bulletproof at Icebreaker's HQ

Bulletproof Dio

Tiro Certo - the Brazilian Release of Bulletproof

Bulletproof Pre Production at

Bulletproof at

Bulletproof Dio 2

Bulletproof at ComicsVine

1992 Bulletproof, Toxo Zombie, Eco Warriors, DEF, 1993 Monster Blaster APC, Mega Marines

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  1. I love this version of Bullet Proof. Except for Headman, the first wave of DEF are all great figures.