Thursday, February 1, 2018

1997 Lady Jaye - Around the Web

The 1997 Lady Jaye figure is an example of a repaint done right.  Hasbro took a popular mold of the era and recolored it in a collector friendly way.  The result is a different take on the Lady Jaye character.  The problem, though, is that the 1997 figure quality doesn't really mesh well with the Lady Jaye mold.  So, many of the figures have issues that limit an otherwise solid repaint.  There's not a lot about her out there due to the late release date.  But, here's the best of her from around the web.

1997 Lady Jaye Profile

Lady Jaye Pre Production at

1997 Lady Jaye Dio 1

1997 Lady Jaye Custom at OreoBuilder's Blog

1997 Lady Jaye Dio 2

1993 Flak Viper, Mega Viper, Mega Marines, 1997 Lady Jaye, TRU Exclusive

1997 Lady Jaye, Snake Eyes, Zap, TRU Exclusive, Stars & Stripes Set


  1. Heartbreaking to see those pre-production figures. Much better Duke, Cobra Commander, and Alley Viper than what we eventually got in '97. Lady Jaye had a more interesting camouflage pattern, too, but the production colors were still nice. Again my biggest problem with this year was the down-grade in quality.

  2. best use of this figure i can remember is the gi joe warfare guy swapping a ninja force scarlet head onto this body.

    the subtle differences (mostly in the torso) between all the post 97 lady jayes are interesting. at least one of the pre comic pack ones are a brand new molded part.

    1. I forgot about GI Joe Warfare. He had some great stories back in the day. There were so many guys who were into Joe back then who have just completely disappeared. Too bad. There's very few content creators left and things like dio-stories don't seem to exist at all.

  3. I think a lot of content disappeared when everyone decided they weren't G.I. Joe fans, but rather newsmen and radio hosts.

    Dio-Stories disappearing the way they did was kind of strange. It's not like G.I. Joe photography died off, as it's probably the best it's ever been, and a lot of the guys into that, pump out photos all the time. Maybe I'll do one in the summer.

    1. i think the novelty of gi joe being back "IN A BIG WAY" wore off quickly after 2001, coupled with decreasing returns on the quality of new figures, the fandom becoming more and more diluted with what for lack of a better term i will call complete morons and the fact once a gi joe collection gets to a certain point it is no longer fun to have and is just an abltross that takes up a LOT of space. especially if you have a lot of vehicles, contributed to a lot of people disappearing around 03-05.

      honestly i kinda like where gi joe is at right now particularity where vintage collecting is. it reminds me of the early 96-2000 days back when it resembled an actual hobby not someones retail therapy.

    2. You could win a FLAGG Award...just by default "Best (and only) Dio Story" of 2018.

      I liked foreign dio stories, GI JOE Poland? I think was one. And Javart's Dio stories (which is still around, I think), he did a Super Trooper story. Anything that was different than the typical American comic book fan "here's my take on what happens after the comic ended" or "my original 13 reboot" or "here's my Mary Sue character". Not that all those were bad.

  4. Before "Night Force" style repaints became boring. So it was decent, except for quality. I got the pack at the time, and I didn't get all the 1997 stuff.

    Not sure why she was in a pack with Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow.