Thursday, February 15, 2018

1991 Interrogator - Around the Web

The Cobra characters of the late 1980's were not great.  Oddballs like Dr. Mindbender, Crystal Ball, Big Boa and Road Pig all had their charms.  But, the toys could be goofy or terrible.  As the 1990's dawned, though, named Cobras got a bit more impressive in their appearance.  Among the solid Cobra releases of the day was the Interrogator figure.  Sure, he has a bit of Darth Vader in him.  But, the figure conveys they type of fear a person of his specialty requires.  He's become a fan favorite over the years due to the solid design and great colors.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1991 Interrogator Profile

Interrogator at the Dragon Fortress

Interrogator Video Review

Interrogator Dio 1

Interrogator at Half The Battle

Interrogator at

Interrogator Dio 2

Interrogator at JoeWiki

Interrogator at Toys From the Past

Interrogator Dio 3

1991 Interrogator, 1994 Techno Viper, Star Brigade, 1988 Tiger Force Flint

1991 Interrogator, 1989 Python Patrol Crimson Guard


  1. These hasbro toys look wonderful in the forest!

  2. 1991 was an excellent year for Cobra and Interrogator was one of the best.

  3. Such a good figure and character - Bizarre that he was a pilot figure with a silly vehicle. I'm personally partial to the second head from the DtC pack, but this is an otherwise superior figure, as the DtC version had terrible legs.

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  5. I love the second purple grey and yellow version.

  6. I think as a character, he's overrated by people who've heard of him. With his mystery origins file card, it's odd how no one tries to say "he was really Crystal Ball under that helmet" like they do with Overlord really being Cobra Commander or Serpentor or something. Or how a certain comic decided Overkill was the murderous SAW-Viper from Marvel.

    Instead the fan club gave action soldier of the world head or something. It was so odd. They really made a new head for that?

    is specialty wasn't needed like at all. Mindbender, Crystal Ball and if you were into the comic, the brainwave scanner, had it covered.

    The figure was good, though. In 1991 he reminded me of the BATS with red visors from the cartoon.

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