Thursday, August 6, 2020

1988 Sgt. Slaughter - Around the Web

Sgt. Slaughter has been a fascinating case study in the Joe world.  In the early days of online collecting, Sarge's figures weren't well liked.  But, as Slaughter embraced his place in the Joe line's history, collectors embraced him.  And, now, Slaughter remains one of the most popular figures in all of Joedom.  While all of his figures are true to the character, this 1988 Warthog driver version is the best.  It features an excellent sculpt with solid colors that are a step above the other 1988 vehicle drivers.  The removable hat is just icing on the cake.  Even in this market, these figures remain relatively affordable.  And, being the best Slaughter version makes this figure simply a must own.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1988 Sgt. Slaughter Profile

Sgt. Slaughter by jc_toys_collector

Interview with Sgt. Slaughter on Being the Face of G.I. Joe at

1988 Sgt. Slaughter at

Sgt. Slaughter by master_of_toys

1988 Sgt. Slaughter and Warthog Video Review by HCC788

Sgt. Slaughter at

Sgt. Slaughter at

Sgt. Slaughter by Hanover_h.a.v.o.c.

Sgt. Slaughter by fun_time_at_serpentors_lair

1988 Sgt. Slaughter, 1989 Backblast

1988 Sgt. Slaughter, Tiger Force Outback, Recondo, European Exclusive, Steel Brigade, Black Major, Gold Head Steel Brigade, GHSB, Flint, Tiger Force

1988 Sgt. Slaughter, Mean Dog, Repeater, 1990 Ambush, Desert Fox, Hardball


  1. I really like this version of Slaughter. I guess it lets me pretend he's not some ridiculous wrestler personality, just a normal Joe.

  2. Love your site but this version is hideous.

  3. USA Sarhe all the way...