Thursday, August 20, 2020

2005 Winter Operations Snake Eyes - Around The Web

So, what happens when one of the best figures from the entire repaint era is an environmentally themed release that has been ignored for many years and is now kind of hard to find?  Well, you're left with decade and a half old reviews of this figure from the few Joe sites left who were around in the line's collector fueled heyday.  It's too bad as this is one of the best Snake Eyes ever released.  It's also one of Hasbro's finest efforts of the 2000's.  The parts combo and coloring combine for one of the most distinctive and unique Snake Eyes figures.  He stood out in the Winter Operations set as the rest of the figures were rather mundane and boring.  Here's the sparse info I can find on him from around the web.

Winter Operations Snake Eyes Profile


  1. I hate this figure with all my heart. It’s a great Snake Eyes but completely unnecessary. I hate this figure because it wasn’t Sub Zero. Sub Zero was my first GI Joe I bought with my own money back in the day. Where we lived at the time, we would get lots of snow and the card art was just amazing. It was around this time with GI Joe that I really started to lose interest and disengage. I don’t think the ones running the brand really understood what we as collectors wanted. This set also produced one of the most hated figures of all time; Mirage v5 the translucent figure.

    1. It sucks we never got Sub-Zero, Salvo, Mace or Muskrat, but their bodies were used.
      I never understood that Mirage. Is he Ice Man? Does he have Predator cloaking tech?