Saturday, August 15, 2020

1984 Zartan - Random Photos Of The Day

Zartan's one of those figure who is everyone's favorite.  You simply don't see dissent on it being a classic.  Yet, it's hard to get good photos of him in action.  I've learned that my figure no longer changes color in the sunlight.  But, that's OK since I never really liked that feature anyways.  As a kid, I thought Zartan was one of those guys who were just too cool to really play with adequately.  No matter how epic his adventures, I felt they were letting the actual figure down.  Even today, I struggle to get good photos of him.  But, here you go.

1984 Zartan

1984 Zartan, Funskool Road Pig, 1986 Zandar

1984 Zartan, Funskool Road Pig, 1986 Zandar, Copperhead, Dreadnok Stinger, SEARS Exclusive


  1. Love the figure, but characters whose primary trait is disguise are hard to play with. Z's mask helped a little, but then he just looked like evil Breaker wearing Zartan's clothes. Not exactly incognito.

  2. 1984 had a redundancy of Cobra infiltrators: the ninja, the saboteur and the masters of disguise. (And on the cartoon the Baroness was a disguise expert, too). How are the Joes not dead? Spirit's native magic detects them? Junkyard sniffs them out?

    Zartan is a master of disguise, but his henchmen are obvious reckless fools. It was an odd contrast, that maybe the cartoon did better? In the comic a reader might wonder why Zartan needs those goons, as he's separated from them for over half their appearances.