Thursday, November 7, 2019

1987 Sneak Peek - Around The Web

The 1987 Sneak Peek figure is not popular.  Were it not for his oft-lost microphone, no one would care about him at all.  The figure is named after the son of Stephen King.  But, again, no one cares.  But, I've long found this figure to be extremely useful and fun to have around.  I've used him both as an army builder and an individual character.  There's a decent amount of content out there on him, though.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1987 Sneak Peek Profile

1987 Sneak Peek by thedustinmccoy

Sneak Peek by Hit and Run

Sneak Peek by Flint

1987 Sneak Peek Packaging at

Sneak Peek by Jogun Warrior

Sneak Peek Video Review by FormBX257

1987 Sneak Peek

1987 Sneak Peek, Crazylegs

1987 Sneak Peek, Crazylegs, 1989 Backblast


  1. Sneak Peek is definitely an interesting figure with some cool accessories. He had a lot of stuff to lose, however, which sometimes made him seem less interesting. His radio, the handle for his periscope, and the microphone all were pretty easy to lose, and thus made him feel less useful. The clip for the radio on his belt broke off pretty easily, too. His M-16 and his binoculars were pretty cool, though.

  2. He reminds me of why there's not much experimentation in characters in the franchise. Fans want Joes that masked badasses, 100% "realistic", square jawed heroes or muscle men, with the token female thrown in (we all know the line can't support a lot of female characters). Am I saying toy geeks hate toys of geeks? Maybe.

    The most apt criticism is that his colors are odd for a guy doing advanced recon.
    The worst are that he's ugly and looks pudgy (news flash, many members of the military are overweight or stocky) or that his gear makes no sense. Like a man portable laser gun? Does that make sense? Or a jet pack that won't run out of fuel in 2 minutes?

  3. Sneak Peek is actually a super nice-looking figure when you take away his goofy-ass periscope. If he had come with a regular backpack, I bet he would have been fairly popular.

  4. i always used sneak peak as crew for the tomahawk along with crazylegs, the helmet and mic combo made him a good generic co-pliot or crew chief.

  5. Sneak Peek is about to be killed by the backblast in that last pic.

  6. The pictures show the main issue with him...too close to Crazy Legs, who is better all the way around. No need for Sneak Peak.