Thursday, November 14, 2019

1994 Star Brigade Gears - Around The Web

At his core, Gears is just a poor repaint of the 1992 Barricade figure.  But, the green helmet and all blue body make for an effective blend with the rest of the 1994 Star Brigade figures.  The Gears figure is somewhat obscure and rather hard to find these days.  He's not a figure that's really necessary.  He's also not a figure that has a lot of content available.  Here's the best I could find of Gears from around the web.

Gears Profile

Gears by Slipstream80

Gears Pre-Production at

Gears at Half The Battle

Gears by ToneGunsRevisited

Gears at

1994 Gears, Star Brigade, 1989 Payload, 1991 Retaliator

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