Tuesday, November 19, 2019

2004 Comic Pack Steeler - Around The Web

The Comic Packs got a bit stale rather quickly.  But, a figure like Steeler was nice because it took a classic character and updated him with later parts that made him more compatible with a larger group of vintage figures.  Steeler had some good gear, even if the parts weren't perfect.  Being a later release, there's a good amount of content on him from around the web.

2004 Steeler Profile

Unproduced Yellow Gloves Steeler

Comic Pack #5 by JoeBattleLines.com

Steeler by guiltridden

Steeler by Otto the Otter

Steeler by Cobra Freak

Steeler by 16Bit.com

Steeler at General's Joes

Steeler at JoeADay.com

2004 Comic Pack Steeler, 1985 Bomb Disposal, 2017 Red Laser's Army Commando, 1984 Thunder, JUMP, Jet Pack

2004 Comic Pack Steeler


  1. One more for the pile if you're interested...

    I loved this series!


    1. That's an embarrassing miss! Sorry about that. Google's new algorithm changes don't index pages that have been posted for a long time all that well. It's all about recent stuff. When I google my own stuff, I get results that mention the figure from a few months ago. But, the real profile from 5 years ago is buried on page 2. It sucks.

      And, I updated the page!

  2. I would've liked a Sunbow inspired Steeler, even just a recolor of this, to break up the monotony of the solid green look.