Saturday, March 27, 2021

1986 Mission to Brazil Wet Suit - Around The Web

Despite this figure being the best Wet Suit version that's available, much of the content that's available on him is relatively new.  But, the orange and blue Wet Suit figure is more photogenic.  And, the orange accessories do clash with this silver figure.  So, it kind of makes sense that this version was ignored for many years.  I had this figure as a kid and wish I had more photos of him as he's a great version.  I just don't have much occasion to get divers out into the water.  I keep waiting for a rainy day when I also have time to get a photo.  It will happen at some point.  Until then, enjoy the best of the 1986 Mission to Brazil Wet Suit from around the web.

1986 Mission to Brazil Wet Suit Profile

Mission to Brazil Wet Suit by wigramjoe

Mission to Brazil Wet Suit by thevintagetoylife

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  1. That's awesome that you have memories of him from your childhood, especially that they're some of your fondest memories. I didn't even know the Brazil set existed until ~2009 since it didn't come to Canada, and didn't own any of the figures until 2016. You're right that this was an amazing recolour of the original, but I really wish they would have used different colours for the accessories.