Thursday, July 21, 2016

Action Force Quarrel - Around the Web

Quarrel is the European exclusive repaint of the classic V1 Scarlett mold.  The blonde hair makes her a stark difference from Scarlett.  There was a time when she was the most popular foreign female figure.  But, she has since been eclipsed by Glenda.  There's less out there on her than I would have expected.  But, here's what I can find of her online.

Quarrel Profile

Quarrel at

Quarrel at Toys and Bacon

Quarrel at figurerealm

Quarrel, Undercover Scarlett, Convention Exclusive, European Exclusive, Action Force, Palitoy, Z Force, 1984 Clutch, 2001 Desert Striker, Steeler, Snake Eyes, Grunt, Stalker

Quarrel, Action Force, European Exclusive, Scarlett, Undercover, 2001 Desert Striker, 1984, Clutch, HQ

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