Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Zeros

If you're bored this holiday and want to kill some time, I present the zeros.  These are all older profiles that have not had any page views since I relaunched the site.  It's a fun way to look back and also waste some time on your day off.

1997 Alley Viper

2003 Python Patrol Rock Viper

2000 Law and Order

1989 Backblast

1991 Sludge Viper

1997 Scarlett

2002 Sgt. Stalker

1990 Metal Head

2003 Funskool Grunt

1992 Toxo Zombie

1986 Motor Viper

Silver Pads Grand Slam

1988 Hit and Run

1992 Toxo Zombie, Eco Warriors, DEF, Bulletproof, 1993


  1. I'm surprised that Silver Pads Grand Slam didn't have any views, he was the "it" Joe Team character/figure for a good chunk of the early 00's, I guess people realized that in the end he's still just "Ugly Flash", as I heard him called once.

    1. I'm continually shocked by what's popular and what's not. I have figures that I thought would be well viewed and are ignored. Then, I'll throw up something I think is too obscure for anyone to care and it will become a top 10 post. Go figure.

  2. Welcome back so happy to see your blog back in action. I'm going to let all my friends on our face book page know the good news. It's battle force newengland. So glad your back. Cobra