Saturday, February 11, 2017

1984 Spirit Around the Web

Spirit is one of the more iconic looks in the vintage Joe line.  He's a solid figure and character who gives the line some visual distinction.  The American figure is prone to breakage and discoloration.  But, he's still well worth picking up.  Here's the best of him around the web.

Spirit Profile

Spirit at ARAH Gallery

Spirit Dio 1

Spirit at the Cobra Temple

Spirit at HalftheBattle

Spirit Dio 2

Spirit Dio 3

Spirit Dio 4

1984 Spirit Iron Knife, Steel Brigade, Mail Away, 2004 VAMP, TRU Exclusive, Chinese Flint, Tiger Force Falcon

1984 Spirit Iron Knife, 1983 Scarlett, Flash, Mexico, Mexican, Auriken

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