Saturday, February 25, 2017

1983 Zap Around The Web

Zap was not the most popular Joe in the original 13.  But, he saw more releases than some of his peers.  His unique green color and cool bazooka made him stand out among the class of  '82.  And, his oft broken thumbs and crotch have been consternation of kids and collectors for 35 years now.  But, he's a classic figure and there's lots of great content on him out there.  Check out my around the web roundup below.

Zap Profile

Zap at

Zap at WhenitwasCool

Zap Dio 1

Zap Video Review

Zap Dio 2

Zap Pre Production at

Zap Dio 3

Zap at Comic Vine

Zap Dio 4

Zap Dio 5

Zap Dio 6

1983 Zap, Snake Eyes, Grand Slam, Flash, VAMP, JUMP, Jet Pack

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