Thursday, October 26, 2017

1988 Destro - Around The Web

I've always thought of the 1988 Destro as a perfect upgrade of a classic character.  They made him different enough to stand out.  But, he still retains enough of his original personality to know that this is Destro.  As such, I've always been fond of the figure, even if he lacks some paint details.  However, I've found that many collectors don't share my fondness for the mold.  There's surprisingly little content on the figure out there.  Here's the best I could find around the web for a figure that I quite enjoy.

1988 Destro Profile

1988 Destro at ARAH Gallery

1988 Destro Pre Production at

Destro Dio 01

1988 Destro at

Destro & Despoiler Video Review

Destro Dio 02

1988 Destro, Despoiler, M Bison, Street Fighter Movie

1988 Destro, Despoiler, M Bison, Street Fighter Movie


  1. The last great Destro figure made. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the 1992 mold, tiny head and those shoulders..he's also not tall enough. The new sculpts were disappointing, the sweater one was best. I never got the VvsV one, seemed way short.

    The club had this mold, using part of it for their Overlord, which means Hasbro had this mold...and what the heck? We could've gotten it instead of 1992 Destro?

    1. The club found the mold in 2005 but thought collectors hated it. (Yeah, these were the guys to shepherd the Joe brand....) So, they did the 2005 figure that was the CGI/'92 Destro hybrid. Some test shots of the '88 figure got out (it was labeled "Iron Grenadier" when they ran the shots.) and the club was informed that collectors really liked the mold. So, they slapped it on Overlord and basically told us all to shut up and be grateful we got anything.

      <---Not bitter about that time at all.

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  3. This is my favorite Destro. Great colors, Vac-metal head, but in gold, and great costume design. This version also expanded his role and gave him a legion to lead, which was great. Looking back, maybe he could use a few more paint apps, but I think the black/gold/red are great as they are.

  4. I love this version of Destro. I have recently been bolstering my IG forces, and it's such a good looking group of black, red and gold, with this guy up front.