Thursday, October 5, 2017

1985 Eel - Around the Web

The 1985 Eel is about as classic a Cobra army builder as there is.  Hasbro never released a Cobra diver that came close to the immortal grey original.  The fact that he wasn't repainted ad naseum has helped keep the figure undiluted and left him as pertinent today as he was in 1985.  Through the years, I've had tons of content regarding the figure.  Here's all of that plus some other content from around the web.

1985 Eel Profile

Eel Diorama 1 - The Landing

Eel Diorama 2 - Eels in Training

Eel on Instagram

Hombre Rana - Plastirama Eel from Argentina

Eel Diorama 3 - Helping Hand

Eel Video Review

Eel Diorama 4 - Through the Looking Grass

Eel at

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  1. They seem a bit big-headed now. Undertows are arguably less clunky, but come in wit one of the smallest vintage heads. Eels v1 are still more iconic. I'm of the opinion that diver action figures should be very cool, because they are so limited in use they need to look awesome to encourage their use. I never had a problem using my Eel outside his function.

    They never used the names Sea-Snake or Sea Serpent, and Sea-Viper only appears on a file card. The lack of an entry level Cobra navy personnel is glaring, especially compared to all the frogmen (even made the cartoon Cobra Diver, an entry level underwater trooper). The Eels file card says they augment the crews of Cobra naval vessels. Who are the crews? They cannot be Lampreys, because Lampreys are former Eels themselves.