Thursday, April 5, 2018

1994 Shipwreck - Around the Web

This Shipwreck figure proves that Hasbro could still make awesome figures: even at the end of the line.  The mold, colors, character and accessories all combine into an excellent release that should be owned and enjoyed by every collector.  I found and purchased two of them at retail in the mid 1990's and would have bought more if I had been able to find them.  I army built the figures for a time and am glad that I did as this figure has started to get a bit harder to find and more expensive.  Despite the high quality, there isn't much on this figure out there.  Here's the sparse bit I could find on this figure around the web.

1994 Shipwreck Profile

1994 Shipwreck at

1994 Shipwreck Pre Production at

1994 Shipwreck Dio 01

1994 Battle Corps at The Toy Box

1994 Shipwreck by thedustinmccoy

1994 Shipwreck, Battle Corps, 1985 Mauler, Action Soldier

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