Thursday, April 19, 2018

1997 Sgt. Zap - Around the Web

I'm a fan of the 1997 Zap figure.  The original Zap is great.  And, it's probably a better figure than this one.  But, the original is also really brittle.  They fall apart if you look at them too hard.  So, if you want a vintage style Zap to take outside and photograph, the original is a tough sell.  So, enter the 1997 version.  He has some more distinct colors.  And, his accessories are much richer in color than his vintage versions.  He's also made of softer plastic that is less likely to break and is about 1/10 the price of a high quality vintage Zap.  There's not a ton of content on the 1997 figures in general out there.  But, here's what I could find of Zap.

1997 Sgt. Zap Profile

Zap Bazooka Variants

Custom Zap by Scarrviper

Zap at ARAH Gallery

Zap Dio 1

Zap at HalftheBattle

Zap Dio 2

Sgt. Zap PreProduction at

1997 Sgt. Zap, Toys R Us Exclusive, 1985 Mauler

1997 Duke, Zap, Viper, TRU Exclusive

1997 Duke, Zap, Viper, TRU Exclusive, 1982 VAMP, 1983, Grunt, Clutch


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  2. Zap looks okay next to the 1997 Duke, which was terrible.

  3. I love all the Stars and Stripes figures except the ones that used the Roadblock/Lowlight chests.Great for customs at one time.Prices went up for these.Last year I bought Grunt, Zap, and Short Fuse complete for about 10 bucks including shipping.Now they're 20 bucks easy.Some people think that Joe prices went up since the Netflix "The Toys that made us" episode debut.