Saturday, November 17, 2018

1990 Range Viper - Around the Web

The Range Viper is one of the first figures I ever reviewed.  He was also one of the first figures that I never had as a kid who captured my attention.  Like many of these early collector age figures, though, the Range Viper's profile fell after a few years: his spot taken by newer figures.  Plus, Hasbro kind of ruined the uniqueness of the mold by repainting it so often in the 2000's.  But, the Range Viper is still a very solid release and remains an enemy I enjoy having around.  There's a good amount of content on the Range Viper from around the web:

1990 Range Viper Profile

European Spring Loaded Weapon Exclusives

Range Viper at the Viper Pit

Range Viper at

Range Viper at Half The Battle

Range Viper by Cobra Freak

Range Viper at JoeWiki

Range Viper by 00zxcvb

1990 Range Viper, 1983 Hiss Tank


  1. IN ye olde review "1989 was probably the second best year for Cobras in the entire run of the G.I. Joe line"

    I disagree. But more distinctly, I think 1990 was a better year than 1989. Ignoring Python Patrol, the stand out carded figures of 1989 were Alley and Night Viper, one whom shines despite bad colors and the other is loved despite have a bulky upper body that restrict some poses, as well as a weapon that can't be held correctly due figure/hand designs of the time. There's not that much love for the other 4 CObra/IG troops and Gnawgahyde is the odd Dreadnok out of all vintage ones, despite having a fun figure.

    1990 has Undertow and Metal-head, both are better than Annihilator and TARGAT. Then we have the 5 CObras, and the weakest entry is SAW-Viper, but Range, Rock, and Laser Viper and Night Creeper are as good or better than Alley and Night Viper and Gnawgahdye. The weak link is SAW-Viper who is maybe on par with Frag and HEAT-Viper, arguably a little lower due to his oversized gun.

    Darklon vs Overlord....might be a tie. Both figures are quirky. Neither characters have major fan followings, Overlord's hype was manufactured by what-amounts-to-fanfic of Devil's Due's Joe run.

    Aero-Viper vs. Vapor. Vapor wins for weirdness and cool sculpted on logo. No removable helmet, but also not weird pirate wrestler mask, either.

    Track Viper vs Decimator. Track V has a robot head, Decimator has a human one under the helmet. Decimator wins.

    Wild Boar vs...there were only 3 1990 drivers.

    THe HISS 2 is a good redesign on paper, but is it better than a RAGE? Not sure. Rage has a better main guy and better colors.

    Razorback beats Dominator, but almost anything would.

    Dicator is better than the Evader.

    Hurricane vs. Condor. I'd say the Hurricane is better but maybe more fragile.

    Fang 2 vs Piranha...more or less tie.

    Battlefield Robots were weak. Hammerhead STRONG. LOL. Not much of a comparison. The robots were price point gone in 1990.

    I supposed one could consider Python Patrl vs the late 1990 Sonic Fighters Cobra, the Patrol would win by numbers, I guess.
    (Yeah, I was bored.)

    1. That's a lot of work, and point well taken. :) Back when I started, it was sacrilege to suggest anything other than 1985 was the gold standard for Cobra. But, if I could go back to one year, it would either be 1990 or 1991. In both cases, I'd get the 1990 figures. And, I don't think swapping the '89's for '91's leaves you in a much better spot. You lose the Night Viper, but gain the CGI.

      In total, 1990 is a completely underrated year that most collectors ignore. At least, until they have to acquire them and find that mint and complete with filecard versions of both Joes and Cobras from that year are now very expensive.

  2. Great figure design and colors. Not as impressed with his accessories. The gun is nice but it looks like it belongs to a different trooper. 1990 is one of my favorite years for the whole toy line.