Friday, November 30, 2018

1988 Toxo Viper - Around the Web

The 1988 Toxo Viper was Cobra's first foray into biological warfare.  While the figure has its oddities, it has also endured as a classic design of the Cobra army.  The removable helmet and interesting pack/weapon combo are a perfect array of accessories for a well designed sculpt.  Despite collector sentiment against anything Eco Warriors adjacent, there is a strong amount of content available on the Toxo Viper.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1988 Toxo Viper Profile

Toxo Viper by Golden Cobra 79

Toxo Viper at

Toxo Viper by JDoubleBigApe

Toxo Viper Pre Production at

Toxo Viper by DreadnokDread

Toxo Viper Video Review by HCC788

Toxo Viper Photo Feature at Joe A Day

Toxo Viper by thedustinmccoy

1988 Toxo Viper, Imp, 1991 Eco Warriors, 1993 Detonator

1988 Toxo Viper, Imp, 1991 Eco Warriors

1988 Toxo Viper, Imp, 1991 Eco Warriors

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  1. I like the Eco Warriors version, too, but the first Toxo Viper is arguably the best.