Saturday, November 24, 2018

1991 Low Light - Around The Web

Low Light became a classic Joe immediately upon his release.  The combination of sculpt, specialty and colors ingrained him into the psyche of the Joe community.  In 1991, Hasbro revisited the character.  And, while the trademark blonde hair was gone, the sculpt and design of the figure was easily on par with the original release.  This Low Light featured more gear and kept the dark color scheme that defined the character.  He remains a popular remake of a classic character.  Despite this, there isn't a ton of content on this version of the figure around the web.

1991 Low Light Profile

1991 Low Light at

Low Light by JogunWarrior

Low Light at

Low Light by instachamp

1991 Low Light, 1985 Mauler, Super Sonic Fighters Zap

1991 Low Light, 1985 Mauler, Super Sonic Fighters Zap, 2002 Dial Tone, Gift Set


  1. I like the sculpt, but that helmet is Mel Brooks level absurdity.

    1. Yes. The card art make it look cool, actual figure is goofy. Strange, they were capable of making better fitting, smaller/thinner helmets.