Thursday, February 14, 2019

1990 Overlord - Around the Web

Overlord was originally conceived as a new version of Cobra Commander.  Fortunately, Hasbro rebranded him as a new character.  But, the original blue and black color scheme from the concept art would have made for a great figure.  The gold and copper/orange base for Overlord, though, works as an autumnal tribute in Cobra's hierarcy.  With his helmet and claws, Overlord can be fun.  He is visually distinctive.  But, he doesn't get the play you would expect for a character with his lineage and unique look.  There's little out there on the character.  But, here's the best I could find around the web.

Overlord Profile

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Overlord by Sithviper

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Overlord at JoePedia

1990 Overlord, Clutch, 2007, Convention Exclusive, Mega Marines, 1993 Monster Blaster APC

1990 Overlord, Clutch, 2007, Convention Exclusive, Mega Marines, 1993 Monster Blaster APC, 2003 Scarlett, Toy Fare Exclusive


  1. No.Just no. I've seen this figure at shows and stuff, but the wacky Star Wars type uniform just kills it for me.I'll never get this figure unless it's given to me.Just a horrible, ugly waste of plastic.

  2. When the helmet isn't pushed all the way on it looks silly.

    That Hasbro considered his design for Cobra Commander makes me wonder how well they understood their own characters. "So this guy who previously only showed his eyes behind a hood is now wearing a monocle and a muscle shit so he show off his 'guns!' The kid will love this new Commander!"

    "Now let's make Pysche-Out a Borg!"

    People came to like Overlord for being almost a blank slate of character for their fanfic and "joeverses". I like the idea of the character and used to like the figure more, but it was a cliche that Cobra characters had exposed arms and leaders wore gold. And his costume is well, too costumey. It's a supervillain get-up and doesn't even match with most of the 1990 Cobra's futuristic style.

    The convention figure is more grounded but has its own problems. (The torso doesn't accomodate the detail at the back of Overlord's neck, so he looks down a bit.)