Thursday, February 28, 2019

1994 Star Brigade Cobra Commander - Around The Web

Cobra Commander is one of the most important characters in the Joe mythos.  He has tremendous releases.  But, there's also a few duds.  Depending upon your view of Star Brigade, you may hate this version of Cobra Commander or love him.  I feel that this is a great look for the Commander in the context of space combat.  The colors are strong and the figure's head is criminally under-used in customs.  Here's the best of the Star Brigade Cobra Commander from around the web.

Star Brigade Cobra Commander Profile

Star Brigade Review

Star Brigade Cobra Commander Video Review

Star Brigade Cobra Commander Art by Ron Rudat

Star Brigade Cobra Commander at

Cobra Commander Pre Production at

Cobra Commander by ironman3719

1994 Star Brigade Cobra Commander, 2003 Tiger Force Dial Tone

1994 Star Brigade Cobra Commander, 2003 Tiger Force Dial Tone


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  2. It's one of the harder figures to find at shows and garage sales in my experience.I like the color combination.You don't see that shade of blue on ARAH figures that much.That scaling texture is weird though.Just noticed for the first time that Cobra emblem.Pretty spiffy.This CC version has been quite elusive especially at a price I'm comfortable with.I have no problem spending more than usual on a figure as long as it's a figure I really like but this version doesn't have enough redeeming qualities to justify it's current price.The helmet is really bizarre.The eye opening almost looks like that shape that remains after a Joe card has been punched out at retail.I could see an a small squad of these manning a BUGG, except that is a somewhat expensive proposition.

  3. Why wouldn't Cobra Commander want his own space suit? It makes sense to me and this is a good figure. I just don't like the face under the helmet as my Cobra Commander.

  4. Agree with Jeremy 100%. Its an odd rather disappointing figure that was so close. The scaling texture doesnt fit at all what is suppose to be a space suit and the helmet, although unique, is off, just a couple tweeks and this figure could have been great. I only came across one once and a decent $15 complete loose so snatched it up, but it's so odd it fits nowhere and just sits in the box lol. I still like it bit could have been so much better.