Saturday, May 1, 2021

1994 Lifeline - Around The Web

The 1994 Lifeline is a great update to a classic character.  The colors remain true to the original version and the sculpt matches the specialty.  The figure's gear is perfect for a medical trooper.  In short, he's just great.  Despite this, the figure is incredibly obscure and remains a hidden gem among the line's final releases.  I bought this figure at retail and loved him from the start.  Yet, even I take him for granted and don't use him nearly enough.  There's a smattering of content on the figure available.  So, here's the best I could find of him from around the web.

1994 Lifeline Profile

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  1. I think he's forgotten because this version doesn't really offer anything different that the original didn't have. He looks very Lanard-like, I can see why this version is overlooked by most collectors.