Thursday, October 22, 2020

1991 Incinerator - Around The Web

The Incinerator is one of those figures that everyone needs one of.  After a single figure, though, the value of additional figures diminishes.  He looks great and the orange and red are visually striking.  But, you don't really need more than one once you have him.  The notion of a bad guy flamethrower makes more sense than it does as a Joe specialty.  And, this figure screams flamethrower.  The Funskool version is also pretty good.  I found a surprising amount of content out there on this figure.  So, here's the best of the 1991 Incinerator from around the web.


  1. His catapult was a pretty unique accessory. He makes a nice adversary for Barbecue, Charbroil, and Blowtorch. The only downside to this guy is that Hasbro used his flamethrower accessory as a weapon for so many figures in the new sculpt era, but it makes little sense by itself without the cord and backpack.

  2. One of the best designs ever released. I had a really hard time finding him on shelves as a kid. As in, I never, ever saw him.

    1. The 1991 series was weird. Some of them are impossible to find even today. (Desert Scorpion!) Some were really easy to find back in the day (BAT, Red Star, Snow Serpent, etc.) and the rest fell in the middle. It's a tough year to complete, even today, though.

    2. Said this before, probably. But only 6 1991 releases reshipped in 1992: Red Star, Heavy Duty, Sci Fi, Snake-Eyes, BAT and Snow Serpent. Hasbro got super lazy in 1992 and only showed the new stuff on cardbacks. The reships retained their 1991 cards. For the Air Commandos, I'm pertty sure that only Cloudburst and Night vulture reshipped despite the 1991 cardbacks showing all 6 air commandos. (It's probably better no one realizes this, people would raise aftermarket prices). I never found Skymate after 1991, having thumbed my nose at the tacky gliders in 1991, putting off getting them. A mistake, seems post Desert Storm gave GI JOE sales a boost, so 1991's product cleared out most places.

      In Europe it was a different story, I think, some shipped twice, maybe with out spring action launcher and then the next year with them.