Thursday, March 5, 2020

1993 Bazooka - Around The Web

1993 brought many classic characters back to retail.  Not all were great.  But, some were.  Bazooka falls somewhere in the middle.  This design is pretty well done.  The colors aren't great.  But, they have potential.  Overall, this figure can be Bazooka or it can be forgotten.  And, Bazooka seems to have fallen into the hole of figures in the line that collectors ignore.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1993 Bazooka Profile

1993 Bazooka by Slipstream80

1993 Bazooka at

1993 Bazooka by gi_joeisthere

1993 Bazooka by vulcan

1993 Bazooka by jogunwarrior

1993 Bazooka by gi_joeisthere

1993 Bazooka by tituslester32

1993 Battle Corps Bazooka, Backblast, 1985 Bomb Disposal


  1. Easily one of the worst figures in Joe history.Bazooka- he just sucks no matter what version...

  2. The grenade bracelet is absurd, it's not like Bazooka is some grenade guy, either.
    The Bullhorn legs weren't a great choice. Why does Bazooka have two right draw pistols? One on his vest and another on his thigh?

    However the head sculpt is better than Bazooka V1.