Thursday, March 26, 2020

2000 Wild Bill - Around The Web

One of the releases that's getting lost to time is the 2000 release of Wild Bill.  As he was done in a color more traditionally associated with Cobra, many collectors have forgotten this figure even exists.  But, he and the Locust were excellent repaints and were a cheap way to pick up a Dragonfly repaint at the time.  Obviously, there isn't much content out there on this Wild Bill.  Here's what I could find.

2000 Wild Bill Profile

2000 Wild Bill at

2000 Wild Bill by Albafica

2000 Wild Bill by Slipstream80

2000 Wild Bill at coolgijoestuff

2000 Wild Bill, 1983 Dragonfly, Funskool Flint, Black Major, Alley Viper, ARAHC, Factory Custom, Bootleg

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