Saturday, May 8, 2021

1988 Stormshadow - Around The Web

 In 1988, Hasbro updated one of their most iconic characters.  Stormshadow was now a Joe instead of a Cobra.  The new look for Stormshadow was a huge hit.  33 years later, collectors still love the 1988 mold.  It was another perfect example of Hasbro really nailing a character update.  Because of this, there's a lot of 1988 Stormshadow content out there.  The figure is extremely photogenic and remains a collector favorite.  I don't use this figure enough and really need to work him into more photos.  But, for now, enjoy the 1988 Stormshadow's best content from around the web.

1988 Stormshadow Profile

1988 Stormshadow by thedustinmccoy

1988 Stormshadow by Hit and Run

1988 Stormshadow at

1988 Stormshadow by atticagazette

1988 Stormshadow by g.i. boyz

1988 Hit and Run by Flint

1988 Stormshadow by Evilface

1988 Stormshadow by Slipstream80

1988 Stormshadow by Scarrviper

1988 Stormshadow by gen_liederkranz

1988 Stormshadow by cyko

1988 Stormshadow by andrey_collector

1988 Stormshadow by yojoe_collectibles

1988 Stormshadow by rutbullet

1988 Stormshadow by joes_by_james

1988 Stormshadow by chewies_stuff

1988 Stormshadow by Kingpin_Toyz

1988 Stormshadow by HCC788

1988 Stormshadow, 1993 Slice, Ninja Force

1988 Stormshadow


  1. Can't wait to jump into this pool, write something about Storm Shadow v2 that hasn't been said! Um, no, he seems to be covered.

  2. You've been writing this G.I. Joe blog for 20 years and are still spelling "Storm Shadow" incorrectly? 😃

    1. It still doesn't look right to me as 2 words. Like his first name is Storm and last is Shadow. Your table is ready, Mr. Shadow. But, yeah, I stick to my guns on some things out of sheer stubbornness.

    2. So, would you also write "Bigboa," "Crocmaster," or "Cobracommander"?

    3. I've been obsessed with Snake-Eyes for 35 years and still I'm not sure if it's actually Snake Eyes with no hyphen.

      OK, so I just looked it has the hyphen on the 1985 card, but not the others. Weird.

    4. Hasbro had issues with consistency. Take a look at the many spellings of Gung-Ho's file name.

    5. @Josh Z Touche. :)

      I'm never one to really stand on consistency. It is weird that I've been spelling it incorrectly for so long that the correct spelling looks wrong to me. But, I still have Bazooka hold his weapon backwards and have a weird way of placing Buzzer's chain saw. Sometimes, you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

    6. Honestly that just sounds like something Bazooka would do.