Wednesday, November 9, 2016

1984 Thunder - Around the Web

Thunder's a high quality figure from the line's early years.  He would have made a great repaint of a Cobra Driver in the 2000's.  But, Hasbro wasn't keen on thinking like that.  But, we got two good uses of the mold and a classic vehicle driver that's at home in any piece of Joe armor.  Here's the best of Thunder from around the web.

Thunder Profile

Thunder at

Slugger at ToysandBacon

Slugger at

Thunder & Slugger Video Review 1

Thunder & Slugger Video Review 2

Thunder Pre Production Catalog Photo at

Thunder at GIJoe Wiki

1984 Thunder, Steel Brigade Mail Away, G.I. Joe HQ, Headquarters, Cobra Trooper, 1983, Mutt, Auriken Mutt, Mexico, Mexican, Stalker, Snake Eyes, Palitoy, Action Force, Bootleg, Black Major, Red Laser

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