Thursday, November 24, 2016

1983 Steeler - Around the Web

Steeler was the only member of the original 13 Joes that I did not have as a kid.  I finally got one in 1988, just as my Joe days were ending.  As a figure, though, Steeler is noteworthy for both his original gear and his distinct sculpt.  The character was not revisited until the 2000's, though, he was available via mail away for many years through the '90's.  Here's the best of his content around the web.

1983 Steeler profile

1983 Steeler at

PreProduction Steeler at

Steeler at 1

Steeler at 2

Steeler at 3

Steeler at 4

Steeler at 5

Steeler at 6

Steeler Video Review

1983 Steeler, 1985 Mauler, Short Fuse, Mortar Trooper, Short Fuze

1983 Steeler, Rock and Roll, 1984 VAMP Mark II

1983 Steeler, Tank Commander, Steel Brigade, Mail Away, Bootleg Cobra Trooper, Black Major, Urban Cammo, Stalker, Snake Eyes, G.I. Joe HQ, Headquarters, Palitoy, action Force, European Exclusive

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