Thursday, May 11, 2017

1985 Footloose - Around the Web

Footloose and Airtight were the first two 1985 figures I acquired.  Seeing a classic infantryman with the full complement of excellent gear which Footloose included was enough to get me to bypass many of the other figures that were on the shelf.  I've never regretted that early acquisition as the figure is of exceptional quality and design.  He remains a staple of my collection and a figure who I enjoy having around, even in multiples.  Here's the best of Footloose from around the web:

Footloose Profile

Plastirama Footloose Profile

Footloose Pre Production at

Footloose at 1

Footloose at

Footloose at 2

Footloose Video Review 1

Footloose at 3

Footloose Video Review 2

Footloose at 4

Footloose Video Review 3

Footloose at 5

1985 Footloose, Lift Ticket, Transportable Tactical Battle Platform, TTBP

1985 Footloose, Flint, Bazooka, 1993 Monster Blaster APC

1985 Footloose, Flint, Bazooka, 1993 Monster Blaster APC

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  1. That was fun reading about your original love of Footloose. For me, he never really eclipsed Grunt or the other guys from '82. I got mine second hand, and his thumbs were already broken, so he became the AWE Striker driver (wasn't big on Crankcase). Fast forward 20 years, and Footloose was one of my kid's favorites. Dunno why. He's got a plain "army man" look, but there's a lot of character in that head. I wonder if Hasbro had used this body for their 2005 Joe Infantry set how much more popular those figures would be.