Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Power Commandos Sound Speed and Sniper

One of the most popular posts from the 2020 Rarities month was on the later series Power Commandos figures.  In that profile, though, I did not have an example of Sound Speed and Sniper from the middle series of figures.  Now, though, you can see a sample of what the figures looked like.  

Sniper is an interesting military themed figure.  Decked out in green camo, Sniper would fit into any Joe squad.  As Power Commando figures go, he's actually kind of boring.  The whole point of this series was outlandish figures.  And, Sniper doesn't fit with that.  But, as he's unique to the line, he does provide a nice juxtaposition from the more off beat characters.

Sound Speed is the more interesting of the two figures.  He's obviously based on the Cobra Eel mold.  But, instead of flippers, he appears to have skis and ski poles.  I'm not sure why.  But, his gear makes as much sense as rocket skates or a Mummy Man who also appear in this line.

There are both green and black versions of the Power Commando weapons.  This pack is different in that Sniper includes black weapons while Sound Speed has green accessories.  You see that the weapons are recycled molds from the earlier series and remain the kitbashed version of G.I. Joe weapons.

This middle series of Power Commandos figures is tough to find.  Unlike the common first series, overstock of these has not been found.  So, you'll pay a substantial premium for them over the first 6 figures.  But, all the Power Commandos are fun figures that are nice additions to a Joe collection.  

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  1. I love that things like this exist. It's like an alternate universe GI Joe. Well...I guess they are from another galaxy after all.

    I still have dreams where I'm a kid again and I find cool knockoff Joes like this at a dollar store. Sigh. I want that to be possible again.