Thursday, October 25, 2018

1985 Crankcase - Around the Web

I've always been a Crankcase fan.  The figure resonated with me upon his addition to my collection in the summer of 1985.  I always felt the comic underutilized him and it was disappointing to see him relegated to mop up duty.  In the European Action Force comic, he saw some additional action.  But, that was about the extent of his use.  I would have loved a repaint of the mold.  But, it was never to be.  I always felt he looked good with the 1986 Hawk pistol.  So, that's how you'll see him most often in my photos.  Here is the best of him from around the web.

1985 Crankcase Profile

Crankcase by TheOldNerd

Crankcase by SithViper

Crankcase by TroopsofDoom

Crankcase Variant by HitandRun

Crankcase by fun_time_at_serpentorslair

1985 Crankcase, AWE STriker, Mauler, Snake Eyes, 2004 Flak Viper, Nullifier, Urban Strike, TRU Exclusive1985 Crankcase, 1989 Dee Jay, 1988 Desert Fox

1985 Crankcase, AWE STriker, Mauler, Snake Eyes, 2004 Flak Viper, Nullifier, Urban Strike, TRU Exclusive


  1. didn’t his rifle show up in test shots or something along those lines in the 2000’s? what a bummer we never saw the mold again, while i liked the gray pathfinder we got with the AWE striker repaint (simple head swaps and you have a cadre of shady CIA guys) but i’d rather have seen ol crank at least once.

  2. Back in 1985 when vehicle drivers were as good or better than carded releases, it's funny what a drop off occurred in 1986.

    They used the AWE-Striker a lot in the comics but Crankcase with it only 30% the time at most. And the cartoon, ouch, dude was literally a blink & you'll miss him backgrounder. No lines at all.

    If the Collector's Club had Major Storm, who used Crankcase's legs, does that mean Cranky was still available. Does it matter now?

    Modern version is cruddy kitbash with some hipster beard.

    His head sculpt reminded me of an old timey German. The modern helmet made him seem more German. Funny how he came with an Israeli rifle.

    Where's his helmet? You got Dee-Jay's antenna, but not Crankcase's helmet.