Thursday, October 18, 2018

1989 Tundra Stalker - Around The Web

I didn't mind Hasbro revisiting some of the classic characters from the line's earliest years.  It was a great way to keep younger fans engaged with the brand's roots as well as give longer term collectors some variety in outfits for their long term favorites.  This 1989 Stalker is a perfect example of how a excellent original figure could be updated to something just as nice.  I've looked at this figure twice in the site's history.  Here's the best of the figure from around the web.

1989 Stalker Profile (2013)

1989 Stalker Profile (2003)

Stalker Video Review by Michael Mercy

Pre Production Stalker at

Stalker at

Stalker at

Stalker Video Review

Stalker by yorktownjoe

1989 Stalker, 1987 Worms, Maggot

1989 Stalker, 1988 Mean Dog, Rock and Roll


  1. One of the best figures from the entire line

  2. well over a decade and a half ago i remember someone posting on the old joecustoms board about this version of stalker calling his kayak his “dream boat”. i still think about that sometimes.