Saturday, October 6, 2018

1991 Big Ben - Around The Web

The first time I saw Big Ben was when a kid down the street had one.  I was out of Joes, but was enthralled by the look of the figure.  Big Ben would appear in the comic and it was cool to see him there.  Years later, when I returned to collecting Joe, Big Ben was among the first figures I wanted to acquire.  I was not disappointed in him.  Sadly, the mold was used to death by Hasbro in the 2000's and that dulled the lustre of this original figure.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1991 Big Ben Profile

Big Ben at Joe A Day

Big Ben by Vader9900

Big Ben by Wizard of X

Big Ben by Slipstream80

Big Ben at Joepedia

Big Ben by ToneGunsRevisited

1990 Big Ben, 1991, Bullhorn, 1985 Mauler


  1. Original is the best, but there's no bad o-ring version of Big Ben. I have often found his cinched looking waist odd.

  2. Great vintage figure. Loved the gear.