Saturday, June 27, 2020

Rarities - Unproduced Wal Mart Duke Variant

In 2003, Hasbro confirmed that Wal Mart would be getting an exclusive set of figures.  Originally, they were planned to be "Sky Patrol" figure who would have parachutes.  The figures would have been vintage Joe style.  But, along the way, something happened.  Supposedly, the parachutes didn't pass a safety test.  So, the figures were cancelled and replaced with JvC style figures.

However, Hasbro did produce a small run of the figures that became available to Asian Joe sellers.  The main six figures were widely available.  But, there were also several variants of the figures that were available.  The most egregious is the Duke figure.

The more common figure has Duke's traditional blonde hair.  He also had dark brown pants.  But, there is also a variant available where Duke has brown hair and greener pants.  You can see the alternate figure in the pictures below.  The alternate photo that was common has tan elbows.  But, there are likely figures with the correctly colored arms, too.  In general, the blonde Duke is more desirable just due to the traditional hair color.  But, these days, either figure is a pain to find.


  1. That is such a nice sculpt, and it shows well in these colors. I definitely like this color scheme more than the original.

  2. Those tan elbows don't bother me that much,almost like he's wearing elbow pads