Saturday, March 13, 2021

1987 Rumber - Around The Web

 In 2000, I bought a large lot from a Canadian seller.  Back in those days, pictures were scarce and most large lots were guys trying to get some beer money.  The lot had a ton of great stuff in it: a Starduster, Cobra MSV gas cans, and even an entire set of 1989 Cobra army builders that the seller hadn't mentioned.  Also included were not one but two Rumbler figures.

At first, this was great.  Rumbler was pretty hard to find and you almost never saw him online in the sparse photos of the day.  But, upon receipt of him, I also realized the figure wasn't great.  And, were he not rare, people would absolutely hate him.  In the ensuing two decades, I've tried to find uses for Rumbler.  But, he's pretty bland and isn't all that interesting in photos.  Rumbler does feature the two tone chest and the green gloves for color contrast.  But, they are hard to see and only captured in photos with good lighting.  Like lots of relatively hard to find figures, there's a bit more content out there on Rumbler than there would be on figures of similar quality who aren't hard to find.  Here's the best of Rumbler from around the web.

1987 Rumbler Profile

1987 Rumbler by flint

1987 Rumbler by thedustinmccoy

1987 Rumbler by scarrviper

1987 Rumbler at

1987 Rumbler by Hit and Run

1987 Rumbler at Action Figure Adventures

1987 Rumbler at mizak23

1987 Rumbler, Crossfire RC, 1991 Super Sonic Fighter Falcon, 2003 Toy Fare Scarlett, 1993 Monster Blaster APC, Mega Marines

1987 Rumbler, Crossfire RC, 1986 Mission to Brazil Leatherneck, 1985 Mauler MBT

1987 Rumbler, Crossfire RC, 2005 Iron Anvil, Convention Exclusive


  1. Rumbler appears to have a good kind of tanker/driver/pilot body and a very boring head. Maybe a more striking hair color like black or red would have helped?

  2. Hmm why do I like Rumbler and Claymore so much? Rumbler is a nice looking, if subdued, figure with no major flaws. Claymore is the opposite, loud in a fun way.

    Or maybe it's because they're both dead ringers for Tom Selleck. No, seriously, look at that Footloose head. It's totally young Tom Selleck! Wait I just got a great idea for a custom -- Footloose head + Chuckles torso. Instant Magnum PI!

    1. Already did that. It's serviceable.