Saturday, April 17, 2021

Mastim (Brazilian Exclusive Mutt) - Around The Web

I'm a sucker for classic Joe figures that had very slight repaints in other countries.  Mutt is no exception.  This Brazilian Mastim features darker greens than the US Mutt and a more sunburned skin tone.  The most notable change, though, is that this Mutt is missing his trademark badge on his chest.  Estrela removed this feature of the Mutt mold and forever altered the appearance of every subsequent release of Mutt.  I was able to tap into a vibrant community of Brazilian Comandos Em Acao collectors and found some solid content on Mastim out there.  It was nice to see the figure gets love in his native land.  Here's the best of the Brazilian Mastim from around the web.

Mastim Profile

Mutt Around The World

Mastim by LimaFettVinicius

Mastim by comandos_em_acao_gijoe

Mastim by dennis.rodrigooliveira

Mastim by brincango_com_meus_joe

Mastim by viniciusfettlima77

Mastim by comandos_em_acao_gijoe

Mastim by octaviopessao_

Comandos Em Acoa Review

Mastim by comandos_em_acao_gijoe

Estrela, Brazil, Mastim, Mutt, 1984, Funskool Beach Head

1986 Mastim, Comandos Em Acao, 1984 Mutt, Junkyard, Brazil, Brazilian, 1997, 2020 Black Major, Snake Eyes

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