Tuesday, July 25, 2017

1997 Alley Viper - Around the Web

At the time of his release, the 1997 Alley Viper was generally reviled.  Most collectors didn't care for him since vintage army builders were so cheap.  Now, though, a lot has changed and this figure is one of the better colored and desirable Alley Viper figures.  Here's the best on him from around the web.

1997 Alley Viper Profile 1

1997 Alley Viper Profile 2

1997 Alley Viper at JoeADay.com

Alley Viper at JomiToys.com

Hand Painted Alley Viper at YoJoe.com

Unproduced Boxed Set Alley Viper at YoJoe.com

1997 Alley Viper at Serpentor's Lair

Alley Viper at HalfTheBattle

1997 Alley Viper, Brazil, Cobra Flying Scorpion, Escorpoa Voador, Estrela, 1983 Hiss Tank

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