Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Zeros - Mark II

There's over 800 profiles on the site.  Some are a lot more popular than others.  So, if you're stuck inside over the holiday due to the heat, here's some of the least popular posts on the site.  Give them a little love.

The Unexplained:

These figures should be relatively popular as they are collector favorites.  But, they don't see much attention.

1984 Recondo

1986 Mainframe

1983 Torpedo

1992 DEF Shockwave

1986 Wet Suit

Obscure Releases:

These are often convention figures or figures that have odd names that are hard to search.  You also see lots of modern takes on classic army builders in here.

2004 Crimson Guard

1988 Ghostrider

2008 Headhunter Guard

Brazilian Tiro Certo

2004 Urban Assault Night Creeper

2003 Tele Viper

2004 Night Force Tunnel Rat

2004 Cobra Squad Leader

Boring Figures:

These are figures that just aren't popular or they are the left behind construction of the New Sculpt era.

1989 Countdown

1990 Sky Patro Sky Dive

2003 Blackout

Eco Warriors Clean Sweep

1991 Grunt

1987 Gyro Viper

1991 General Hawk

1984 Recondo, Steel Brigade Mail Away


  1. Nice links. Recently discovered this blog, so it's fun to be directed to a few things. I'm in the throes of O-ring mania, going back to the vintage look and filling in collection holes, so these are all right up my alley now.

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