Thursday, January 4, 2018

2003 Toy Fare Scarlett - Around the Web

In 2003, Toy Fare magazine managed to secure a G.I. Joe exlcusive.  Toy Fare's past handling of collector exclusives had been extremely poor and a bit shady.  So, it was with great trepidation that collectors approached this exclusive set.  While well done, though, the set was a complete and utter bomb.  It was overproduced and included figures that collectors were somewhat sick of seeing.  Overstock hung around for years and the set remains a bargain even today.

The Scarlett figure from the two-pack, though, is one of the better Scarlett figures ever released.  She has amazing paint details, solid enough colors and a large amount of gear that fits the character.  In short, she was a repaint done right.  Take a walk down memory lane with the best of this figure from around the web.

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2003 Toy Fare Scarlett, 1983 Snake Eyes, Black Major, Bootleg, FActory Custom, Cobra Trooper, Urban Cammo, 2004, VAMP TRU Exclusive

1983 Snake Eyes, 2003 Scarlett, Toy Fare Exclusive, VAMP, Bootleg Cobra Trooper, Black Major

2003 Scarlett, Toy Fare, Mail away, 1984 Thunder, 2007 Zap, Convention Exclusive


  1. I forgot abut this figure, confusing it with the Stars & Stripes version. I just went on the 'ol Evilbay and only the box set can be found,the cheapest being 30$! I agree, the paint job is spectacular, but unless you're a brand new collector, she isn't worth the current price- TO ME.(because of owning the 82,83 and 97 versions).This Scarlett is the best painted version of the mold. However, that horrible head dooms her. My 10 year old daughter has more Scarletts than I do (!)and much prefers the 25th version.
    A repaint done as Quarell would probably be a 100 dollar figure today.

    1. Look at what has sold. Some sellers will sit on high prices forever. In terms of what sold, one pack actually sold for $10 plus shipping in November. Of the six that sold since last October, the others sold for under $24 except one sucker paid $35 (with free shipping at least).

  2. The Snake-Eyes was boring, but I wasn't tired of Scarlett yet. Almost a shame she has the waxy sunburnt skin, but this was the only release with that skin tone, so that makes it more "special".

    ToyFare had its heyday. Odd they didn't realize that army builders would've been a better route to go with GI JOE fans. Still, I ordered two sets of these.

  3. I was lucky and traded a Kre-O Transformers mini-set for one of these two packs.

  4. Too bad Toyfare Snake Eyes was stuck with the wrong pelvis. I do agree that this Scarlett was pretty cool with nicely painted details. She occasionally showed up in early 90s media in tan & purple so I can't help but think of her as 90s Scarlett.

  5. I wish I had grabbed one of these when they were easier to find. I used to be off put by the purple, and I wasn't a big Scarlet V1 fan either.