Thursday, January 18, 2018

2006 Comic Pack "Classified" (Snake Eyes) - Around the Web

The Comic Packs ushered in an era of unbridled optimism when they were announced in 2004.  But, by the end of that year, the luster had worn off and the packs fell into the same trap as the rest of the Joe line with generally uninspired ideas and shopworn products.  So, the Joe line died at retail and was reborn as a Direct to Consumer product sold by Hasbro.

The DTC waves contained a huge amount of amazing toys and figures that greatly surpassed anything released at retail.  But, the PR damage done to the line by Hasbro was too great and the footprint of the online only sales was too small for the line to overcome.  Eventually, it was all sold to Toys R Us where it rotted on the pegs in their stores for a couple more years.

Lost in all this were quite a few good figures: this Classified version of Snake Eyes among them.  It's a completely different take on Snake Eyes and a smart way to overcome the limitations of the character design in the comic.  There's less out there on this figure than I thought there would be.  Most of the old review sites are long gone and few non-Joe sites really bothered with the DCT toys for review.  So, here's the best I could find on this figure from around the web.

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2006 Comic Pack Classified, Snake Eyes, DTC, 1997 Baroness, Marvel Comic G.I. Joe #26

2006 Comic Pack Classified, Snake Eyes, Marvel Comic G.I. Joe #26


  1. It's almost a shame they went with the comic book colors. A more subdued military look would've been better, but then it would've hardly been a comic pack figure.

    They also sort of messed up, as this figure doesn't use any Roadblock parts. Heh.

  2. a little more subdued colors and having those tiger stripes on the as all over camo like real LRRPs would have made a very good figure a great one. then again as a-man said this wouldn't really be a comic figure then.

    wonder what divsion LRRPs stalker, snake eyes and tommys team was part of.......173rd airborne brigade maybe?

    i was more or less out of collecting by the time these came out and never got to try this out but if you swapped the comic pack rock and roll head onto one of these you'd probably end up with a slick looking LBC.